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Why use Broadscope?

When you approach a bank or finance house with your requirements, you are limited to what they offer. When you use a whole of market broker, such as Broadscope, we can scour our extensive panel of funders and give you options that may present a better fit for your needs.

Many of the lenders on our panel have niche specialties and an appetite for lending to our clients’ markets. This can result in:

  • Approvals where others lenders would decline the application
  • More favourable terms regarding rates, required security and repayments
  • Getting the amount you want, rather than the amount a specific funder offers
  • Quicker delivery
  • Time saved as we take a lot of the leg work out for you
  • And generally more options and flexibility to deliver what you want

Whilst we are a small firm, we can deliver big results! We have access to what is possibly the most comprehensive panel of funders in the industry, and enjoy excellent relationships that enable us to offer our clients preferential rates and exclusive facilities. Many of the lenders we have access to are experts in providing finance into narrow industry sub-sectors, and having access to funders that know the industry of their clients inside and out can prove to be extremely valuable.

Do you feel as though your current provider really understands your business and the sector you operate in?

Our size is to our advantage, as it makes us agile – we aren’t swamped with bureaucracy. It also enables us to take the time to get to the root of what you want to achieve and run through relevant funding options, rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach.

And once instructed to proceed by our clients, we work tenaciously to deliver, unlike some brokers that favour ‘vanilla’ requirements and who may give up following an initial decline to an application for funding.

Delivering results for our clients is of course of paramount importance; however, supporting the results with the highest standards of service is a very close second.

In short, without wanting to sound pretentious, what we offer is boutique brokerage.

Boutique Definition:

  • A business serving a sophisticated or specialised clientele
  • Specialised in bespoke or custom-made products or services for clientele in a niche-market
  • A small company that offers highly specialised services or products

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